Puni Nui Ke Akule Ma Hana / A Large Catch of Akule at Hana

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Puni Nui Ke Akule Ma Hana / A Large Catch of Akule at Hana

There has not been a time known that the akule were caught in great numbers at Hāna, Maui the likes of that of a few days ago.  The peddlers were persistent in taking the fish until their desires had reached their end.  All the people of that area were sustained with akule, and the remaining fish were all given to the sugar plantation. 

It was the fishing groups of Hawaiians that caught those akule, which was understood to reach about 62,228 and when the Japanese fish buying group saw this they quickly gave a dollar for a kaʻau, 40 fish, believing they would benefit from this.

But when it came to twenty thousand akule with a great deal of fish more, it stopped purchasing them.  At that time a Chinaman began to purchase by the bag at 5 dollars for every bag filled with akule.  Salting the fish was what he planned to do, but when he had all he wanted, much more akule still remained. 

From five dollars per bag until it was sold one bag for 10 cents, then Chief of Police Crowell commanded the fish be buried in the dirt or sold by some other means, so the sugar plantations came in and took the remaining fish.  However, all people were supplied with fish and the roofs of the townspeople were encrusted with drying fish and dry akule.


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