Olelo Hoolaha / Announcement

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Olelo Hoolaha / Announcement

Know all persons by this announcement that the Mullet is restricted, is a Protected Fish, not to be fished for nor to be sold by anyone without my permission, in my fishery from Kaheʻekā Point to Koʻolina at Waimānalo in the subdistrict of Honouliuli and on to Puʻuloa in ʻEwa, Oʻahu.

This too: As a means to protect all the fingerlings so that the Mullet will increase in my leased fishery stated above, all fishing is therefore forbidden for all persons at that place, from Kaheʻekā Point to Koʻolina in Waimānalo.

This as well: all persons are forbidden to go, and canoes to sail near to or land at my stone-walled fishponds, namely Pāmuku, ʻOkiʻokiʻolepe and Kapakule, near my previous residence at Keahi, because the fish in those places are not properly protected.

Therefore, from the day this Announcement is published, the restrictions upon things stated above shall be in place and if any person or persons should oppose this Announcement, I shall sue in accordance with the law.


Puʻuloa, ʻEwa, Oʻahu, Dec. 12, 1865.                                                      35-1m


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Ke Au Okoa, February 5, 1866
, Book: 1, Number: 42, Page: 4