** Olai Me Kai Hoee / Earthquake And Tsunami

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** Olai Me Kai Hoee / Earthquake And Tsunami

Earthquake and Tsunami

Perhaps Japan is the source of our tsunami.

Upon the steamship Kop[e]tika the news was received which cannot be distrusted regarding the source of the receding tsunami that was seen here this past 17th. The importance of the news received is as follows:

A letter from Yokohama of June 17th is the one that stated there were many lives lost in northern Japan because of the shaking earthquake and the roiling tsunami. Within 20 hours, there were 159 known rumblings of the earthquake. The damage at the shore was great due to the drawback. The island of Yesso is where this rumbling started, and at this island are the most northern districts of Japan, those districts were perhaps completely destroyed by the swelling. It has been clarified that the roaring was very much like the sound of a canon far away. It was maybe every eight minutes that the successive rumblings occurred without remiss.

One letter said of the 19th: It was estimated that 10,000 people died, eaten by the tsunami on the island of Yesso in the following terrifying shakings of the earthquake, which continued for almost 22 hours. Outside the village of Kumasiri was completely destroyed, many other coastal towns were also completely or partly destroyed, erased by the sea.


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Ka Makaainana, June 29, 1896
, Book: 5, Number: 26, Page: 1