** Nu Hou Kuloko / Local News

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** Nu Hou Kuloko / Local News

By the generosity of J.W.K. Kaleilehua, one of our writers of this newspaper, we've received the new things down below.

- In the month of December, there was lots of rain and wind that fell and blew upon that famous rainy land.

- On the 3rd of January, that being a Monday, an earthquake shook the base of the pit, and the volcanic fires reached above the summit of Maunaloa, and Hilo also quaked.

- Mauna Kea was seen, whitening with snow on its peaks, and the cold is returning.

- The one above also stated, the fishpond of Waiākea was greatly improved, the place where fat ʻanae fish can be found. 


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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, January 15, 1870
, Book: 9, Number: 3, Page: 2 & 3