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** Nu Hou Kuloko / Local News

THE LAVA. - In the haole newspaper this past Wednesday, we saw the small rumbling of the earthquake at Kaʻū, here is the account of a certain letter that was printed.

"Mr. Richardson arrived here in Hilo on Saturday, he said Kaʻū is nervous and everyone can feel the earthquake when sitting upon the ground. The earth is indeed shaking, but, if a person is traveling it is not felt. On the 3rd of May, a total of 18 earthquakes were tallied; it was thought that the powerful earthquake traveled only one path on the 2nd of April. At Keʻāmuku, between Richardson's and Kīlauea crater, the lava emerged and flowed for half a mile, and is indeed currently flowing, and is appearing here and there from the crevices. There is no fire at Kīlauea, but the fire is still seen at night from the center of the crater. Some have said the lava is flowing upland of the forest of Hilo, but they thought this was a strange thing to hear, therefor it wasn't verified. Some people of Hilo are thinking they saw the smoke, but because of the rain and cloud coverage, therefor it can't be said. Mr. Richardson is thinking the location of the problem is on this side of the mountain above Hilo, so we may get another powerful earthquake before getting the eruption, it is indeed quaking often in Hilo every day."


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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, May 30, 1868
, Book: 7, Number: 22, Page: 3