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** Nu Hou Kuloko / Local News

Group Excursion to Eat Mud.—On the last of our beloved Mrs. B. Pauahi Bishop's days of relaxation at her retreat in Hanakamālaʻelae, Heʻeia, Koʻolaupoko, she and Mrs. Likelike Cleghorn went off to see for themselves the edible mud of Kawainui pond in Kailua, and their journey drew a crowd. As the waters of the clouds poured down heavily, they embarked on the canoe, and the mud was dived for; these two precious ones, along with the multitudes of Kailua and throngs of Kāneʻohe and Heʻeia all ate their fill. The meal was well done and the unusual treats were the lauhala baskets, expertly woven by the women. The nature of this mud is that it is a mottled reddish pink and quivers like arrowroot. Its taste is like cooked arrowroot and it slides down the throat. About 8 feet from the surface of the water is where this mud was. There are two amazing things heard about this Pond of Kawainui, this mud, and the fish-attracting tree (Makalei), which is what creates an abundance of fish here in this pond. Is the lack of food in Kailua the reason why God created this mud?



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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, October 26, 1872
, Book: 11, Number: 43, Page: 2