Noho Paahao Ma Kahi Hoikeike I'a / Imprisoned in the Aquarium

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Noho Paahao Ma Kahi Hoikeike I'a / Imprisoned in the Aquarium

A Haole Was Enjoying His Visit Without Knowing the Doors Were Being Locked

Because a haole named Chas. Pool was engrossed in looking at the fish at the aquarium right outside of Waikīkī last Sunday evening, he forgot what time the doors closed. And as a result of his being totally absorbed in the fish, he was a prisoner for an hour. Only through luck was he able to get out by climbing a window and falling outside.

That haole arrived at the aquarium after 4 in the afternoon, and being that there were many other visitors there, he thought nothing of the time. There was but one thing on his mind, looking at the fish from one area to the next.

But while he was entertaining himself, gradually the other visitors grew less and less until it was deserted, leaving him alone inside by himself.

When the time came to close the doors, just as always, the guard locked the doors and got ready to go home, thinking that everyone had left.

Chas. Pool heard the closing of the doors but did not think it was time for him to leave the aquarium, so he went on looking around. After some minutes had past, it finally dawned on him to turn back. The strange thing was that when he got to where the doors were, they were closed and locked.

He was at a loss as to how he could get out. He continued calling out loudly, but because it was by then in the evening, that area was deserted, and there was no one to hear him calling. So he was in real trouble, as he felt badly about his predicament, that if there was no way out, he'd stay there until the next day.

He searched here and there for a way out. And only through good fortune, he found hope. He went to a big window, pulled himself up, and struggled to remove the grate on the outside, and when it was open, he made to get out, and he found himself outside; he promised himself that he would not get himself in trouble again when he went to go see the fish, but he would keep good watch on the time.


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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, July 26, 1912
, Book: 48, Number: 30, Page: 1 & 4