** No Ke Ahi Pele o Kilauea / Regarding the Lava of Kilauea

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** No Ke Ahi Pele o Kilauea / Regarding the Lava of Kilauea

On the 27th of this past March, at 6 o'clock in the morning, my wife and I awakened from our bed holding my watch, and at that time, we both looked to the mountain Maunaloa, there indeed was the pit Mokuʻāweoweo, a billowing smoke cloud, the first sighting, it was five minutes past 7 o'clock, the smoke emerged, this is the second appearance of the smoke, and at 10 minutes passed 7 o'clock, the redness appeared in the west, with us carefully observing there, the volcanic ejecta was being thrown above, for thirty feet, and the flame receded again below, right about then, that place flowed red like water, the fire flowed in six places from the pit of Mokuʻāweoweo, and numerous were the people standing with me at that time, at my home, weeping in fear.

Some people who were standing with me grew upset then, for we found volcanic glass threads and ʻōʻō birds, but they were dead, left there with the volcanic glass threads. At 15 minutes passed 7 o'clock, the mountain Maunaloa was completely covered by haze, and I could no longer clearly see the volcanic fires at that point, then, the fearful thought entered my mind, and in my thinking there were two hours left, then perhaps the lava would appear at my home, within the two hours stated above. Therefore let us look at these lines of poetry, as follows:

"I was at the stone of Hanalei

Being with Lilinoe

The mountain-dwelling woman."

And the fire of the woman tore this way in many directions from Mokuʻāweoweo, and some old folks are saying they have never seen so much lava like this before, indeed this is so much more, we'll know for certain later the places that the lava will flow, and there may be much damage. My love be with the Editor, and regards to the children who fly the printer's type. Greetings to you all.

D. Holoua.

Ninole, Kaʻū, Hawaii, Ap. 6, 1868


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Ke Au Okoa, April 16,1868
, Book: 3, Number: 52, Page: 2