No Ke Ahi I Loko O Ka Honua / Concerning The Fire Within The Earth

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No Ke Ahi I Loko O Ka Honua / Concerning The Fire Within The Earth

Concerning the Fire within the Earth.

In previous generations, it was not thought that fire was the entire center of the earth. The intellectuals believed that solid rock was the material at the center of the earth from side to side. However, in the past 40 years geologists have found a new idea. In this recent research, while drilling for water is in dry places, going a half a mile deep, and in some places close to one mile, hot water is found. The water gets hotter as the pit gets deeper. If the pit is perhaps two hundred feet deep, the water is only warm, and at one thousand feet the water is a little hot. When the hole goes past about 1500 feet the water is very hot, hot enough to cook food. Due to the heat in all of these deep wells that have been drilled, geologists have been convinced that the earth that we live on has a hard shell that has cooled by being on the outside for a long time, like lava rock. However, at the center is a glowing, red-hot fire melting the rocks to liquid. Such is our round earth, it is lava rock that has cooled on the outer layers, and solidified down to 25 miles, or 30 in some places. And further within that is a glowing red-hot fire that melts the rocks all the way until the core of the earth. They think that when the earth was created in the beginning, the earth was entirely composed of fire, and it became round. And then the outer layers cooled, and the liquids flowed in the low-lying areas, which became the oceans. The higher places remained, and those became lands surrounded by water. This is the reason for the oceans, islands, and continents.

The fire within the earth is the reason for the over 200 volcanoes here on earth. The spots where smoke emerges come from the great fire of the core, spewing out smoke and steam, and sometimes, hot, molten rock that flows upon the land.

At this time the characteristics of volcanoes are understood, these are things that maintain the tranquility of the earth. It is there that the earth-shaking steam emerges. If there is no hole for the internal steam to emerge from, it goes here and there, and the earth shakes due to the earthquakes that cause houses and fences to fall, and the earth opens in some places, swallowing everything above. However, because volcanoes make openings, the earthquakes are calm and life upon the earth is peaceful.

The earth has a thick shell, perhaps about 30 miles, supporting the mountains, the seas and the oceans upon it. At the beginning, the seas floated upon most of the land. After that, the land rose from the seas. It was the fire and strong steam that caused them to rise. They did not rise all at one time. There were thousands of years of blazing. As they rose upward, the sides of the mountain cracked, and spaces opened up, becoming rivers, and valleys. There were no people at this time of the rising. God’s deeds were first, making solid things and liquid things. Then he divided the water and the dirt of the earth. After that, the earth was ready for the lush plants to grow. Then the animals were made, and the birds, and the crawling creatures. Finally, man was made. This is the last living thing made on earth, and man became the master of every other living thing.

However, the fire within was made by the Creator to destroy the earth on the day he returns again. First we will all be awakened by him, and as we are taken up, the fire will arrive again to destroy the earth. His people will not die there, because the living kingdom is ready for them to reside with Him in everlasting life.


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Ka Hae Hawaii, July 29, 1857
, Book: 2, Number: 18, Page: 69