** No Ka Pua Lilia / For The Lily Flower

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** No Ka Pua Lilia / For The Lily Flower

For The Lilia Flower.


Gazing upon the Mololani rain--la,

The ʻĀpuakea rain in the mist,

ʻAhulimanu is in the uplands--la,

The Pōʻaihala rain of Kahalu--u,

Looking upon the coral of Heʻeia--la,

The coral set as islets in the se--a,

The beloved murmuring of the sea comes on the wind--la,

Beautiful to gaze u--pon,

Seeing the pandanus of Moelana--la,

The flowering drupes of the hīnano blossom,

The ʻĀhihi blossom of Nuʻuanu--la,

Prized flower of the cliff tops,

The kāwelu grass of Lanihuli--la, 

The red mist garland in the tre--es,

The persisting desire--la,

To look upon the Kiʻoao rain,

Waʻahila flows in the uplands--la,

At the top of Waipu--hia,

Drizzling upon the leaves of the koa--la,

Adorning the fronds of the ʻu--ki,

Drinking the cold water--la,

Water of Kahuailana--wai,

The thought within is hopeful--la,

Joined together with jo--y,

When seeing the invitation from within--la,

The urge of desire that appears,

The town is nearing,

The Horses are giving their all,

I desire to see--la,

The adorning protection of the Paci--fic,

And I reach there--la,

Smelling the buds of the flo--wers,


MRS. H. K. L. & E. N. K. & R. K. 


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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, December 30, 1865
, Book: 4, Number: 52, Page: 1