No Ka Poe Lawaia/In Regards to Fisherman

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No Ka Poe Lawaia/In Regards to Fisherman

From ancient times up until now, something like this may have never before been seen. 

Because of the great consideration of His Highness L. Kamehameha, and his kind thoughts to bring blessings upon his people, he has stationed fishermen at Kaluako‘i.  The skiffs are constantly filled with fish, snapping them up at the ʻUlakoheo fish market in a cacophony of gabble.  Previously, Kaihuopala‘ai was the fishing ground that would always fill the stalls of ‘Ulakoheo, but, now Kaluako‘i is the place that brings in the uhu and the nenue.  Most of the wanderers in town are now well-supplied with fish because of this fine idea of His Royal Highness. His Highness L. Kamehameha is to be admired for his thoughtful consideration.


Kaliu, Honolulu.


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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, October 1, 1861
, Book: 1, Number: 1, Page: 3