** No Ka Haule Ana O Kekahi Mau Hua Mai Luna Mai / About The Hail Falling From Above

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** No Ka Haule Ana O Kekahi Mau Hua Mai Luna Mai / About The Hail Falling From Above

[Ponahawai], Hilo, March 20, 1843.

Greetings to you, O Nonanona,

Here is my account to you about the hail that fell from the sky amidst the rain, thunder, and lightning.

Here is its form as I saw it. It was like the egg of a bird or like a bean, some were huge and others small.

This is an account for those who don't know of hail, "This happens in America," according to some people of that place, where it is as big as a chicken egg. It was asked of the old folks about hail like this in their time, and not one oldster said it had occurred then.

Here is what occurred in ancient times, about which I did hear, a rain of sand that brought darkness, the sand settling all over the leaves and the houses, darkening the morning from about 7 o'clock until 9 o'clock.

 ["]Grouping here and there, pulling up others' crops with great chattering and uproar, thinking death has come for us," is what they said.

 And that's what some people thought when this new thing fell, assuming that this might be the day of reckoning from God, because this amazing thing to behold was not seen before, so hearts were alarmed. The teachers were asked for the name, and it turns out it is hail, and it is edible.

 And so we gathered a lot of it into bowls, hats, and bottles and in no time they melted and turned into drinking water. The palm of the hand is numb with cold when a hailstone is left there for 3 or 5 minutes.  

On March 8th, Wednesday, it hailed late in the day at 3:45. About a third or a sixth of an hour was the length of the fall, then it was finished.

Perhaps Maui also had, and Oʻahu and Kauaʻi in old times, hailstones like these that are hard when hitting the forehead. 

A pig squealed in pain on its forehead when a hailstone hit it from above! It would be better for you to eat it.

Ioane B. Kaiana.


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Ka Nonanona, Apr 25, 1834
, Book: 2