** Na Mea Hou O Papaikou, Hilo, Hawaii / New Things of Pāpaʻikou, Hilo, Hawaiʻi

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** Na Mea Hou O Papaikou, Hilo, Hawaii / New Things of Pāpaʻikou, Hilo, Hawaiʻi

To Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Greetings to you,

I am presenting you a bit of news, and it is your boundless patience that will present it to the public, so that those throughout the island chain who cherish your delicate form may know, from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun at Lehua.

Milling the sugar - The sugar is being milled these days; the steam is doing its work, the Flywheel is obedient, and upon observation, all doubt is gone.

Lice treatment - Here in Pāpaʻikou I have witnessed the actual use of chewing tobacco as a lice killer [for] horses, donkeys, etc. The lice are in the long hairs on the neck and the head; the kind of lice is like that of the chicken. Boil the finely shaved tobacco and mix with the painkiller, then bathe the horse from the neck to the head, and you can see the lice stirring. Lice, it is indeed the thing that causes animals to become emaciated.

Steam chamber nearly explodes - It is on the 21st of March a steam chamber nearly cracked. The reason for this kind of misfortune was that the third steam chamber ran out of water, and when the first engineer, J. Chore, noticed, there were only 5 minutes left until explosion.

Telegraph - The thing that shortens thoughts in conversation (telegraph) has been has been recently installed from D.H. Hitchcock's place to E.G. Hitchcock's house, and from E.G. Hitchcock’s to Messrs. Tenny’s at Piʻihau hill, and from what I hear, this telegraph wire will be run from the house of E.G.H. to the sugar mill.

Chinese craves opium - On the 10th of March, a Chinese person of Tenny and Castr set out, having been contracted to seek opium, but he has not been found and has fled. The reward is $25 should he be found and returned to Tenny at Piʻihau, Hilo.

Ongoing famine - The food shortage is ongoing here in Pāpaʻikou, 3 days to eat poi for the price of $1, and on the rest of the week days, sustenance comes from the food of the Chinese as well as the Haole's, grab a cracker and put some salmon floating in its sauce, slurping it like chicken gravy.

New pier - The new pier of Puniawa harbor at Pāpaʻikou was recently finished, as a place for the skiffs to dock, which is 40 feet long. The first pier was dislodged by high seas.

Plenty of sugar - It seems like this is the largest sugar crop on the island of Keawe, which previously had poor crops.

I am satisfied here, and I join hands with those who devour news of the Nation's Darling. And to the helmsmen and the typesetters, my sincere regard. Me, with humility,

James Hollos


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Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, June 7, 1879
, Book: 2