Lanakila Ka Hoopahu Ia / Fish Blasts Prevail

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Lanakila Ka Hoopahu Ia / Fish Blasts Prevail

To Mr. Editor:

During this the tour of the traveling Judges of Maui at Kaupō, Kīpahulu, Hāna, passing the Koʻolau cliffs of Maui to request monies for the building at Wailuku, we had good winds.  I am also one traveling with this tour.  Upon our arrival at Kīpahulu near Hakuole, an officer, and his son Kimo Hakuole, a school teacher, the two locals were very kindhearted. The meat of land animals and fish of the ocean such as manini, pala, kole and nenue were the delicacies of the table. Poi and sweet potato were the staples prepared by the kind hearted locals.  For over a week we resided with them, but to my astonishment I constantly saw the locals bringing in these sorts of fish even though those were days of high surf and strong gusting winds, yet they were still catching these types of fish. So one day, I asked one of Hakuole’s children, “How ever are you still catching these wild fish?” That one responded, “By blowing them up with gun powder.” I was shocked because Hakuole was the police officer of this area, but they still carried out fish blasting.  I said to myself, “Fish blasting prevails here.” We were the only outsiders residing there with the priest of Wailuku, and we ate these blasted fish.  I was assuming that ours was the only house lucky enough to have blasted fish, but it turns out that the house of the Honorable J. W. Kalua did as well, he being with some other locals. Fish basting is triumphant here in Kīpahulu, there is no fear of the government officials, and so I had a choice.  We all heard about this activity from the Judge and the Priest.  This is sufficient. 

J.N. Lanakila

Keʻanae, August 10, 1895


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Ka Makaainana, August 26, 1895
, Book: 4, Number: 9, Page: 2