** Ke Ahi Pele Maluna O Mauna Loa / The Lava Atop Mauna Loa

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** Ke Ahi Pele Maluna O Mauna Loa / The Lava Atop Mauna Loa

At the arrival of the schooner from Hawaiʻi, the rising of the red fiery lava above the summit of Maunaloa, from Mokuʻāweoweo was heard of. It was these two letters below, written at Kaʻū and South Kona, that confirmed this thing:

Keaiwa, Kaʻū, Aug. 8th, 1871.

J.U. Kawainui, Greetings to you,

I am telling you of some new things of Kaʻū that I have seen. Last night, between 7 and 8 o'clock in the evening, the volcanic fires were seen above Maunaloa, and the mountain was all aglow. The old time locals here are thinking it will be like that last flow, which had strong earthquakes on the 2nd of April, 1868. On the evening of this day (the 7th) stated above, the darkness of the mountain was seen due to the volcanic smoke and the roaring which was like a rush of water. A few hours later, the fire above the mountain was soon seen. Aloha nō.

G.H. Kiniakua

Kealakekua, Aug. 8, 1871.

J.U. Kawainui, Greetings to you,

Last night, the 7th of August, a glowing in the sky was seen by some people, and on this past night of the 10th, my family and I saw the acts of said wonderment above Mokuʻāweoweo. My dear companion uttered some song lyrics for the first arrival of said fire above Mokuʻāweoweo, which was perhaps in the year 1830,

"The lava above Mokuʻāweoweo on the mountain Maunaloa has only red glimmer, the heavens glimmer red with the many roaring blazes."

Clearly turning one's eyes to the east, to properly observe its action, the leaping of its glow became very strong in the heavens, as the glow traveled and touched the Mauliola bluff. When the thoughts turn inside to reflect, if its strength is at full boil now, then it's not at all clear where it would descend since it is there above. We will be watchful in these coming nights of the actions of that woman of the pit.



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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, August 19, 1871
, Book: 10, Number: 33, Page: 3