** Kai Mimiki / Receding Sea

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** Kai Mimiki / Receding Sea

Hana's news - On this past 10th of May, a Thursday, at 5:30 that morning, the sea here in Hana began to recede. It was seen that the rocky flats at the shore were exposed and the rocky crags were completely dry. The sea rose and fell up to twenty times. Seaward of Kawaipapa there were many men and women who went out to grab the numerous fish. Kalawekane (f), killed one ulua. At Haneoʻo, there were two kala and nenue fishes, many short-tailed manini, so a group of forty or more fishes were caught by people's hands that day. From the 13th to the 18th, there was a great storm, high seas, rain and flooding of the streams, and the adornments of the land of the Uakea rains were displayed, standing out like a white-feathered chicken amid the fronds of the Amaʻu fern.

On the night of Friday and through dawn of Saturday the 19th of May, the pounding of the thunder was forceful that night, like the boom of a cannon, or almost like the fireworks of the Chinese in the way that it crackled and popped, and this is something very new.

The drought here in Hana is becoming very serious now, this drought being because of the sun and lack of rain. Crops, sweet potato and taro, are very dry and finally some serious rain has fallen these days. All of the farmers are active and the crops in the gardens of residents here in "Hana of the Rain from Lowering Heavens" are becoming green.



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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, June 2, 1877
, Book: 16, Number: 22, Page: 3