** Kahe Ka Pele I Kai O Kau! / Lava Flows At The Shores Of Kau

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** Kahe Ka Pele I Kai O Kau! / Lava Flows At The Shores Of Kau

Greetings to You:-This past Sabbath [Sunday] night, Jan. 16th, the lava was seen flowing through the north western side of Pohaku of Hanalei, and on Monday afternoon the 17th, the shaking of the numerous earthquakes began. And on Tuesday afternoon, the lava descended directly above Kahuku, inland of Peahi. It's glow was shown that night by it's clear presence on the mountains, the cloud banks were seen in unmatched astonishing beauty. On that day, the lava passed through the western side of Kahuku and the "able bodied rushed off while the feeble were left in the nest."

When they reached the uplands, the lava was in Kapulehu [Kaʻūpūlehu]. As Wednesday dawned, something was seen rising from a pond close to the shore of Waioahukini, the fire had not yet emerged by the sea at that time. But, the thing that made it rise above was just an explosion of dirt, some people went very close; surrounded by aa lava and remaining in the middle, a goat was running crazily here and there, and even knowing about the heat in front, entered into the blaze.

Thursday, January 20th, in the time that some people were riding their horses with all their might with the great desire to find Pele up ahead, it turns out Little Pele was there, behind where they were riding. Then one turned back and looked, and little Pele was running behind them. They quickly began to gallop and as they passed along one side, the lava turned seaward. The fire almost had its death companions with these fellas.

K.P. Keanuenue


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Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, January 29, 1887
, Book: 10, Number: 5, Page: 3