** Kahe Ka Pele I Kai O Kau / The Lava Flows To The Sea of Kau

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** Kahe Ka Pele I Kai O Kau / The Lava Flows To The Sea of Kau

Pele is Bristling!

379 Earthquakes!

The land is hazy with smoke!

 On the evening of the 16th is when the shaking of the earthquake started, and on that night the blaze of the that magical mischievous one was seen directly above Pohaku o Hanalei, on this side of Mauna Loa.

The number of earthquakes from the 16th to the 18th is 379, not including the lesser rumblings that were unacknowledged, that would bring the estimate to nearly 400.

On the 17th, that mischievous one disappeared completely, all were quite alarmed at this sudden disappearance without knowing where it would burst forth. On the evening of the 18th, like an angel from heaven, red fires waved in triumph on the surface of the earth like a cloud appearing in the sky.

That magical one arrived inland of Keokeo, a direct length from Pohaku o Hanalei to the place where it burst forth, almost 16 miles and was restlessly flowing down at Halepohaha and Kepuna, flowing ferociously into the gullies, descending the ravines, climbing the hills, filling the low spots, destroying the forest, the home of the birds that were happily singing in recent days, and was so for the horses, cattle, goats etc. which were all running in terror. These hallowed forests will be devasted along with the verdant plains of that peaceful upland home.

As we continued to carefully watch that upland, bodies quivering with fear, memories of the acts of the year of our Lord 1868 returned, and it was those terrifying acts that caused my wife and my family's hearts to flutter. Bundles were hurriedly tied up for leaving the house and we were like prisoners of war, fleeing with our very last breaths and gasps fluttering in our hearts from terror at the red volcanic fires rising to the sky and at the fiery ranks flowing like water, speeding and pressing forth here and there, ferociously roaring.

Between 8 and 9 o'clock at night, I held my family back to wait before leaving home and I ran to see where the lava was flowing. It looked as if our residence would be a center point for the lava.

J.M. Naeole and I were the ones who went from Kahuku, and afterwards came chief Martin, J.N. Kaouli, and some other folks, and we all ran to G.W.C. Jones' place, and it appeared that it would descend at Kapūlehu, almost 2 miles away, so the concern passed.

On the 19th the lava passed seaward of the government road traveling towards Kona, making Kapūlehu the center point for it's rage.

On the 21st, that man-eating shark again swam in the sea at Hopeloa, nearing Pohue and Kahakahakea, some miles apart from the volcanic mound of 1868, 5 or more miles from the clinker lava [ʻāʻā] to Kapūlehu. From the place where it burst forth to Hopeloa is almost twenty or more miles. I endured the glowing heat of the fire to fetch a ti leaf offering bundle, and on opening it, there were unfurled taro leaves inside. Hawaiʻi cannot end its silliness.

This is a very good time for people who have not seen lava before to come and sightsee. The average number of people coming to see the lava day and night is 80 or more, traveling by horse, treading on foot, so we look much like Honolulu. J.N. Naeole and I are here in the presence of that wondrous one, witnessing the amazing actions.

Great regards,

S.H. Kahukula

Keaa, Kaʻū, Haw., Jan 24, 1887.


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Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, January 29,1887
, Book: 10, Number: 5, Page: 1