Hoopunipuni Nui / A Great Lie

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Hoopunipuni Nui / A Great Lie

Greetings Nupepa Kuokoa, Aloha to you:—

On Monday, March 27th at Koko Maunalua, the men, women and children were lively in kuʻu net fishing for akule, however Moluhi (a male), a visitor from Waiʻanae, came to share his deceitful remarks.  “Fish nets should not be cast today, tomorrow on Tuesday that is when the nets should be cast.  The catch will be so great that the stench will rise on the beach.”

“The reason being, I have come here from Waiʻanae along with the akule” and after the talk of this liar, one local man responded, “These are probably not new fish, they are the regular ones here at Maunalua all the time.”

And this chatter between the newcomer and the locals made the local people uncertain because this false prophet was of the house of Kanealauahine (male), the one who cares for the lands of the chiefs.  So, those who fully heard the words of this great babbler became thoughtful. 

Because they listened to him, it made the crowd of people stop, so as to heed the time that had been stated.  Then early that Tuesday, it was filled with people of Kuliʻouʻou, Niu, and Wailupe to witness the truth of the prophesy of this trickster who had no shame about his false leads in the enlightened realm of proper lifestyles.

When the multitudes of people came, the beaches of Maunalua were filled with people, men, women and children because of the fish cravings of the uplanders, to get some fish and go home lucky. They were stopped on the hill seaward of Kahuwā, and here is what came from the mouths of most of the crowd:

“Where is the akule! Where is the akule!!” “Shocking!” “Astonishing are the lies!” “From whence came this trickster who goes about telling lies?”

And when the blunderer heard this, as well as all the people in that house, they did not venture outside, but closed the door, and sat quiet, embarassed at what had been said with no substance, where a caretaker of the land becomes something that brings no benefit to the landowners.

So, I reveal the medicine that will cure his great ailment, lying, is to turn and review the Bible in Genesis 1:22–31, and then it is quickly seen. Therefore, all friends, don't do like the useless acts of this pagan who babbles about.





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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, April 8, 1882
, Book: 21, Number: 14, Page: 3