He Wahi Moolelo - Number 5 / A Story - Number 5

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He Wahi Moolelo - Number 5 / A Story - Number 5

Here are the winds of Maui and Molokaʻi.

Waiākea has a Pakiele wind,

Hāna has a wind, an ʻAimaunu wind,

Kaupō has an ʻAiloli wind,

Honuaʻula has a Papa wind,

A Nāulu wind goes out to Kanaloa,

The uplands of Kula have the Hinakahau wind,

That is the wind of that place,

Persisting in the pili grass,

The Puʻukoa rain is at Kokomo,

The ʻEleheʻi rain is at Lilikoʻi,

There, it is freshened with dew,

Wailuku has the Iʻaiki wind,

Waiheʻe has the ʻOʻopu,

The Kauaʻula wind blows,

It is roaring along the cliffs,

To the far cliffs of Pōhakuloa,

Waiuli at Honolua,

The white stone of Māhinahina,

An Unuloa wind in that area,

Lahaina has a Maʻaʻa wind,

It is settling at Kamaiki,

The cliffs sigh in the wind,

Līloa has an ʻAlani wind,

The Paʻalā wind of the Kaha areas,

The children there of Nāiwi,

The wind is continuous

Through the abundant Koaiʻe on the plains,

It sweeps down upon Paomaʻi,

There is a Pelu wind from the sea,

It is a familiar, an Ōkea wind,

There is a duel out at se,

The Hoʻolua wind and the Moaʻe trades,

The Ka‘ele wind is at Pālā‘au,

A Haualialia wind is there,

The Ikiaea wind is at Hoʻolehua,

At the fishpond wall above Moʻomomi,

The kapa-tossing wind of Kaeleawaa,

That wind is the Waikaloa,

Puʻuapāpaʻi, Puʻuanahulu, Kaʻamola,

The gusting wind of Waialua is a Pākaikai wind,

The Hoʻolua wind blows down at Hālawa,

There is the misty Hoʻolua wind at Hālawa,

The noisy Hoʻolua wind at Hālawa,

The ʻAʻano breathes at Hālawa,

Hālawa has a Laukamani wind,

Hālawa has an ʻOkia wind,

Hālawa has an Ualehu wind,

Hālawa has a Laʻikū wind,

Hālawa has a Nāulu wind,

Hālawa has a Kēhau wind,

Hālawa has a Kōīpali wind,

Hālawa has a Līanu wind,

Hālawa has an ʻEhukai wind,

There is a Kaʻupumoaʻula of Kalawao,

Makaluhau has a Kiliʻoʻopu wind,

Kalaupapa has a Koki wind,

Drink of the waters emerging in the uplands,

Kalamaʻula has an ʻAlahou wind,

Burning the kalo on the heated plains,

The Paʻūpili at Kalaʻe brings the yearning calm,

It is gusting over the exposed reef,

Gathering the fish, the baggage of the Moaʻe wind,

The Moaʻe will soon rest in the uplands,

Kona will soon have a Moaʻe wind,

Koʻolau has a Hoʻolua wind,

A Kāʻaokaua wind is adrift,

The wind at Kalāʻau Point is a Pelu wind,

The Huaʻi wind will emerge,

Malei has a Koa wind,

A tangle of coralline rock,

Haleolono has a Mālualua wind,

A Kumumaʻomaʻo wind,

The wooded areas have a Hoʻolua wind,

There is a Kaikoʻo wind from Kona, from Koʻolau,

Koʻolau to the sea; the harbor is the border,

Ah! Land at the harbor,

While you, the chief, is near,

While I, the servant, am near,

Depend on the calm days,

This is Welehu, a stormy month,

Makaliʻi, Kāʻelo, Kaulua, the red glow bursts forth,

At Olana the calm settles in,

The months of Welo and Ikiiki are when the fisherman's lines get wet,

As you look the sea is vast,

The island is short,

The canoe will land,

Search for Pākaʻa, and Pākaʻa is found,

Waimea seeks revenge, Molokaʻi was stormy,

            In the last lines of this paha chant, where it “was saying.” “The canoe will land, search for Pākaʻa, Pākaʻa is found,” that is where Lapakahoe said that the child is a liar. He tells Kūapākaʻa, "How very fine your work is, but the lying is wrong. First I asked you about Pākaʻa, and you told me that you did not know, that this is just something the children of this beach do. Later, now you say to land ashore, and then Pākaʻa will be found."




S. K. K.


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Ka Hae Hawaii, May 15, 1861
, Book: 6, Number: 7, Page: 25