He Wahi Moolelo-Helu 4 / A Humble Story-Number 4

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He Wahi Moolelo-Helu 4 / A Humble Story-Number 4


He heard their conversation, calling him a lying child, so he secretly told his father, “Those people of yours are refusing to land.” His father responded, “Call the winds.” He immediately started to call, beginning with the winds of Hawaiʻi, and you all might have seen this in the newspaper Ka Hoku Loa. for it was told there, but it was incomplete. So perhaps Ka Hae will retell it for all of us, because Ka Hoku Loa only has a few subscribers, so only a few people saw it there. Here are the winds of Hawaiʻi.

            There it is! There it is!! There it is!!!

            Kohala has an ʻĀpaʻapaʻa wind,

            Kawaihae has a Nāulu sudden wind and showers,

            Waimea has a Kīpuʻupuʻu wind and rain,

            Kekaha has an ʻŌlauniu wind,

            Kanikū has a Piliʻā wind,

            Kalāʻau has an Aʻe wind,

            Kona has a sheltered lee,

            Kahaluʻu has a Maʻaʻakualapu wind,

            Kaʻawaloa has a Pilihala wind,

            Kapalilua has a Kēhau wind,

            Kaʻū has a Puʻuohoʻohilo wind

            Kamāʻoa has a Hoʻolapa wind,

            Nāʻale has a Kuehulepo wind,

            Kīlauea has a Uahiapele wind,

            Leleiwi has an ʻAwa wind,

            Waiākea has a Puʻulena wind,

            Hilo Palikū has the Uluau wind,

            Hāmākua has the Koholālele wind,

            Waipiʻo has a Holopoʻopoʻo wind,

            The tip of that wind,

            The tip of this wind,

            A gusting embrace,

            The buffeting is breathing upon the back,

            Baggage comes that could strike and swamp a canoe,

            It is the small canoe that will perish,

            Along with the large canoe,

            So be it, the chief dies,

            The priest dies,

            The feeble one dies,

            The offering of all,

            All is darkening,

            All is spray,



            To see the star of the wave,

            The red star,

            The rising star,

            Swimming one at a time,        

            Swimming two at a time,

            O Keawenuia‘umi, land, there is a storm,

            Yesterday was calm,

            Today is stormy,

            Kūapākaʻa finished calling the winds of Hawaiʻi, and then he called the winds of Kauaʻi. These are the winds that were already mentioned in the first issue of this story. So if you tell this story to people who have not seen Ka Hae, be sure to tell them from the first issue. However, leave the Kauaʻi winds until the fourth issue and then include the winds of Kauaʻi after the winds of Hawaiʻi, and then the reading and telling will be absolutely correct.




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Ka Hae Hawaii, May 8, 1861
, Book: 6, Number: 6, Page: 24