** He Moolelo Kaao No Pakaa - Helu 1 / A Story Of Pakaa - Number 1

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** He Moolelo Kaao No Pakaa - Helu 1 / A Story Of Pakaa - Number 1


When La‘amaomao was living, she was famous because the winds obeyed her, and she could call their names. When she died, her child inherited the power to call the winds.

            O reader, here are these six issues from the newspaper Ka Hae, so I am shortening this for later. However, I will tell all of you some of the winds that were called by Kūapāka‘a, the child of Pāka‘a from his union with a Moloka‘i chiefess. Pāka‘a taught him all the duties that he sought out on behalf Keawenuiaumi, and we already saw the winds of Hawai‘i in the newspaper Ka Hokuloa. So I recite to you the winds of Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau, their names and the places in which they reside, as follows:

“Awaken and take heed, O you,

The wind of La‘amaomao,

The secret observer of Ko‘olau, woman of Kaua‘i,

This is what I have to present before you—

I call out to the multitude on the row of mountains,

Clouds of omen, pressing a bank of clouds,

There is a bad-smelling wind at Kapa‘a,

The wind is at Kaua‘i,

Lehua has a Moa‘e wind,

Kawaihoa has a Miki‘oi wind,

Ni‘ihau has a Nāulu wind,

Ka‘ulakahi has a Nāulu wind,

Nāpali has a Lawakua wind,

Kalalau has a Lanikuʻua wind,

Honopū has a Laua‘e wind,

Nu‘alolo has an ‘Aiko‘o wind,

Miloli‘i has a Makani Ka‘ehukai wind,

Mānā has a Pu‘ukapele wind,

Kekaha has a Moeāhua wind,

Waimea has a Waipao wind,

Kahana has a Kapa‘ahoa wind,

Pe‘ape‘a has a Maka‘upili wind,

Hanapēpē has an ‘Ao‘ao wind

Wahiawā has an Unulau wind,

Kalāheo has a Kiu Anu wind,

Lāwa‘i has an A‘e wind,

Kōloa has a Malanai wind,

Weliweli has a Kuiamanini wind,

Kapa‘a has a Makahū‘ena wind,

Manenene has an Onehali wind,

Māhā‘ulepū has a Ko‘omakani wind,

Kīpū has a Puapua wind,

Hulā‘ia has an Ala‘oli wind,

*Kalapakī has a Waikai wind,

*Hanamā‘ulu has a Kā‘ao wind

Waikua‘a‘ala is the house-tumblin wind from Konolea,

*Wailua has a Wai‘ōpua wind,

Nāhanahanai has a Waiolohia wind,

Waipouli has an Inuwai wind,

Makaīwa has a Ho‘oluamakani wind,

Kapa‘a has a Kēhau wind,

Keālia has a Mālamalamaiki wind,

Hanaikawao has a Makanihulilua wind,

Anahola has an Amu wind,

Moloa‘a has a Kololio wind,

Ko‘olau has a Kiuinuwai wind that flies beyond,

Kalihiwai has a Maheu wind,

Kalihikai has a Nau wind,

Hanalei has a Luha wind,

Wai‘oli has a Waiamau wind,

Waipā has a Ku‘unahele wind,

Lumaha‘i has a Haukoloa wind,

Wainiha has a Lūpua wind,

Naue has a Pahelehala wind,

Hā‘ena has a Limahuli wind,

The Kawaikūʻauhoe waters on the cliff,

The tip of that wind,

It grasps like a whirlwind and then rushes out to sea,

When it comes ashore, it will come as a storm,

Yesterday was calm,

To be overrun, should it come ashore.

            These are the names that this child called, and they are indeed the true names to this day. According to the natives of those places, the names are the same. So, in the second volume of this story, the legend starts with Keawenuiaumi reviling his servant.

                        —By S. K. Kuapu‘u.

                                    (To be continued.)


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