He Mele No Ka Haku O Hawaii / A Chant For The Hawaiian Prince

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He Mele No Ka Haku O Hawaii / A Chant For The Hawaiian Prince

This is a name song for you, O Kalanikauikeaouli,

ʻIolani, indeed, is your father,

And Emma—lani your mother,

From the two of them comes this firstborn child,

The fuming lightning strikes in the Heavens,

It is the red streak of fire,

Above the Royal Rainbow-hued Flag,




The third of the Kahekili line

The clarion trumpet of the stormy month of Ikuā,

The voice of Kānehekili incessantly roars,

The loud-voiced god that devours islands,

The solid cliff of the taboo falls, ku

The great coral reef that closes the harbor is smashed,

The coral reef that was resided by the dark sea urchin,

The sea recedes, revealing the sea urchins,




Oh sweet-voiced ʻŌʻō bird,

In the Wilderness,

The Forest of Paliuli,

The voice of the god echoes,

The voice of man is lonely,

Makalei is from Paliuli, oh

The birds of Kawainui are stunned,

When splashed by Makalei,

The tree that attracts the Fish,

A Fish that stares at the Heavens,

At the rains and the winds,

The ʻUkiʻuki plants rustle,

The fish lie crossed in the neki reeds,

They yearn to see Mākālei,

The tree that the Fish will climb,

Proudly rising in the rain of Nuʻuanu,

A fish-fetching rain for Kawainui,

Filling up the bags,


The peak of Konahuanui is heavy,

Inundated by the rain,

The Kīaweawe rain of Leleʻānae,

Causing the waters to flow,

Upon Waipuhia,

A fair, white rain,

The rainbow is green,

A Crown Flag for the red streaked rain,

Displaying Maui of Chief Kama,

A child is Kalanikauikeaouli,

A chief from Mokuola,

Long live Kalanikauikeaouli,

Until old age,

Here he is responding,



Composed by AMI.

Honolulu, May 14, 1860.



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Ka Hae Hawaii, July 25, 1860
, Book: 5, Number: 17, Page: 72