He Mano Niuhi / A Huge Shark

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He Mano Niuhi / A Huge Shark

The sharks were frenzied, probably from the stench of the grease from the whale and a great man-eating shark was harpooned. It was five fathoms in length and two and a half fathoms in circumference. As for its tail, it was short like a whale’s tail. Its skin was black like a negro’s and there were two small turtles inside of its stomach. Its liver filled two barrels with its oil and the flesh was eaten. That night, the spirit possessed his caretaker and the people who ate, their lips became cracked, the stomachs got scaly.  Some threw up, and the throats of others choked and gurgled. There were a lot of sharks killed that day, which were salted and hung to dry. There is a lot of bad things here in Lahaina – rain, floods, tidal waves, famine, there is great trouble.

With thanks, S.W. Nailiili


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Ke Au Okoa, March 11, 1867
, Book: 2, Number: 47, Page: 2