He Make I Ka Hekili / Death Due To Thunder

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He Make I Ka Hekili / Death Due To Thunder

Makaweli, Kaua‘i. Sep. 1836.

Greetings to you all, the readers of this Kumu Hawaii.

I am explaining to you all something that we clearly saw here on Kaua‘i; a child from Kapuniai was killed by thunder in the month of September, on the 17th. He died at Mānā.

This is how he died. The first thunder struck above; this aforementioned child said, “And the cliff is broken.” Someone else said, “The gun of the red wall fired.”

Elia says to this child, “Go and release the horse.” The aforementioned child ran to the place of the horse; the first lightning flashed; the flint of Kaihuhanuna flashing, flashing and flashing again. The thunder struck, sounding like a gun. The people in a house saw the pillar of fire descending from the sky, from the hand of Jehovah, striking right outside of the aforementioned house, and the fire entered, and the people sleeping succumbed to the fire, and one person was thrown. 


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Ke Kumu Hawaii, February 15, 1837
, Book: 2, Number: 19, Page: 73 & 74