He Kanaenae Aloha No Ke Kuokoa / A Chant Of Loving Praise For The Kuokoa

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He Kanaenae Aloha No Ke Kuokoa / A Chant Of Loving Praise For The Kuokoa

Dear Nupepa Kuokoa; my fond greetings to you:

I am one of your subscribers. You have become like a beloved wife to me, a friend to talk to night and day. I have fed you the food that nourishes your body.

I received your three most recent issues. After reading them, I knew the  important issues concerning the welfare of the public, as well as news of foreign lands, war, and many other such things. My desire was definitely satisfied by reading, and then some.  It is due to your great size, which your late predecessors did not have.

So, I have composed a song of admiration for you, while we are meeting together. Here below is this song.


The rain that causes you to nestle in the cold,

The mists of the cliffs,

I am warded off,

By the Uluau wind of Hilo,

By the Kēhau wind of Puna,

By the lehua mist of the uplands,

That has risen up to great heights,

The Lehua wind blows at Kaʻana,

It is the Alewai wind,

I have no desire,

For the horse with no muzzle,

'Tis an inappropriate horse,

For my day of enjoyment,

My desires lie with you,

Sealed and secured,

You always have privileges here.

My song is finished. The child of Kekaha is returning home.

J. N. Palaile.

Halehoʻomaha, Pōkiʻi, Kauaʻi, Jan. 2, 1862. 


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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, January 18, 1862
, Book: 1, Number: 8, Page: 1