** He Halia Mau Ke Aloha / Love Is Forever Recalled

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** He Halia Mau Ke Aloha / Love Is Forever Recalled

(A Touching Letter.)

TO KA LAHUI HAWAII; Greetings to you:

While I was peacefully listening to the cool Kēhau breeze of the windward cliffs softly blowing on its way to join hands with the ocean breeze, it was not long before this ocean gave a loving invitation, "Say! Come back to me!" To which I say:

"We return, to be close together,

While love is near at hand,

Beloved is my hand-holding companion,

My dear partner of the evening."

While tears were gushing forth like a bubbling spring, drenching the tips of these lashes, and the heart was at a roiling boil, pumping blood all around the body, the fingertips were dancing with the pen tip, ceaselessly spewing black ink onto writing paper, going back and forth, back and forth, filling the columns with touching thoughts like mixing farmed taro with taro from the wild, which then brings me to say:

"Overcome with love, O Kānehoa,

I do not flinch when struck by the cold."

I was chilled by the love, here within me, for all of you, the multitude reading this.

Love for the sands of my birth—"For small Kohala, big Kohala, Kohala of the ‘Āpa‘apa‘a winds, of Pili and Kalāhikiola, the hills that go as a pair." A pair of loving feelings dwell here within me: the distress that sent me away, and then the return.

My beloved sands of birth—From the border at Keahualono, listening to the rustle of the Olauniu wind of Kekaha, all the way to Honoke‘ā, the boundary at Hon[o]pūʻe, where I crouch down with the loved one, when that one comes - spare me.

That is Kohala, my proud land, of which it is said, "No youth of Kohala goes empty-handed." My beloved birthland, with the whispering sea of Kawaihae; love is wild within me like a dog. From the coconut groves at Waikui—I am satiated by the heavy scent of love dwelling within me—to the kou tree groves of Onouli; the house where love for the birthland dwells is heavy with darkness, to which I say:

"My beloved land of birth,

It is for you that I sing,

Fine land, &c.,


[D. Puna. Makanalua, Kalaupapa, Aug. 22, 1877.]


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Ka Lahui Hawaii, September 6, 1877
, Book: 3, Number: 36, Page: 3