** E Ka Nupepa Kuokoa; Aloha Oe / To The Nupepa Kuokoa; Greetings to You

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** E Ka Nupepa Kuokoa; Aloha Oe / To The Nupepa Kuokoa; Greetings to You

On Friday night, and dawn on Saturday, which was the 24th of February, at the time when the moon was close to setting, something blazing was seen in the sea, beyond Pale point at Keʻei, and was thought to be the steamer the Kīlauea, but in waiting for a long time, there was no movement forward, no backing up, and it became the big topic of discussion that night, with some people understanding it was indeed lava, but, at dawn Pele clearly revealed herself.

Pele began her action at Pulehuino, the land was split open, and was slightly cracked at some places, and it kept doing that until entering the sea. And Pele's action there, was just like the spouting of a large whale, such was the force of the steam as it leapt up, and apparently, on recognizing it, it was very shallow and looked rather like sand at that place.

In one instance of seeing the action of that lava was very much like a dolphin breaching here and there, then spouting steam upward. It was very much like a human sometimes, playing ball and tossing back and forth.

It is true that prior to the lava revealing itself, it was seen by some hāuliuli (mackerel) fisherman and the two of them recognized that the lava was nearby, onshore at Keʻei, and that was spread among the people, and here it turns out to be true. I shall report again later.

Z.P. Kalokuokamaile

Nāpoʻopoʻo, Feb. 24, 1877.


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Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, March 3, 1877
, Book: 16, Number: 9, Page: 2