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Joint Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research Project

Graduate Student: Paige Miki Kalāokananikiʻekiʻe Okamura

The Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (JIMAR) provides funding for Hawaiian language research and translation of weather and natural disaster accounts. JIMAR previously provided funding that produced a database of over 4,000 Hawaiian language articles identfied by event category, along with full citations, and a link to the original, digitzed article (if available). Nicknamed the "JIMAR Database", this database is used to easily and quickly identify and access articles that are related to specific events. The current research focus are articles related to volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and seismic events. Articles are indentified, located, then translated. After being edited, images of the original article side-by-side with the translation, as well as full citations, are uploaded onto the IHLRT website for public access.

Project Partner: JIMAR

Related Discipline: Marine and Atmospheric Research

Timeline: Started in 2004

Project-Related Advisor: Mark Merrifield